What is the min/max amount of sum ?

What is the minimum / maximum amount of sum insured?

The minimum amount of sum insured available is Rs. 2 lakhs. The maximum amount is 10 lakhs.

What is the eligibility criterion to avail of the Health insurance policy?

Anyone between the age of 6months and 65 years can take a health insurance

What are pre and post Hospitalisation expenses?

Pre and post Hospitalisation expenses means the medical expenses incurred during a period before and after Hospitalisation for any disease / illness / injury sustained which is covered under your Policy. The period before and after Hospitalisation that is covered depends on the type of policy opted

Can an insurance company decline to give cover under their insurance policy?

All insurance policies are issued at the discretion of the insurance company and as such an insurance company can decline your policy proposal.

What is cashless facility?

Cashless claims facility is available in the network of tied-up hospital where the company settles claims directly with the hospital / nursing home without you having to pay any amount to the hospital directly.
The way it works is that in the case of pre-planned Hospitalisation, if the chosen hospital is included in the network of cashless hospitals, you need to send our Third Party Administrator (TPA) a claim form along with certification from the doctor about the nature of illness and treatment. Once the TPA receives the information, and if the claim is admissible, the TPA sends you a pre-authorisation, in a matter of few hours, for the cashless claim. Then, the company will settle your hospital bills directly. In the unfortunate event of an emergency if the insured person is admitted to a tied-up hospital, you have to inform the hospital of your intention to use the cashless facility. The hospital will then help you with the authorization process.

Are there any taxation benefits if one takes health insurance policy?

The premium paid on a health insurance policy is eligible for deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The amount of deduction available is up to Rs.15000 for individuals or Rs.20000 for senior citizens aged above 65 years and paid the premium from their account. Additionally an amount of 20,000 is also available for exemption towards premium paid for dependant parents.


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