What are emergency medical expences ?

What are emergency medical expenses?

Your Hospitalisation expenses due to an emergency illness/injury are covered under your Reliance HealthWise insurance policy. You can avail of the cashless facility in times when there is emergency Hospitalisation. It is part of your health insurance policy and you need not pay an extra premium for it.

Why does one need an individual health insurance policy though his company covers him under a group plan?

Corporate Health Cover will be available to you only till you are part of the company. Also, it might be available only to a specific amount. It might not be sufficient when a medical contingency occurs. Hence it would be advisable to go for an individual health insurance policy.
Your employer will cover your medical expenses only as long as you are in his services. Tomorrow, you may change your job, retire, or even start something on your own. In all such cases you and your family will be stranded if a medical emergency arises and you have not arranged for an alternative health insurance policy. It is at this point of time that Family Floater Health Insurance policy will come to your rescue.
Reliance HealthWise Insurance policy can also act as a supplement to your existing medical cover in case the cost of medical treatment is higher than your existing cover level.

Will the health insurance policy provide cover in case of any Hospitalisation abroad?

The health insurance policy is meant to cover Hospitalisation only in India. To cover Hospitalisation abroad, you need to take a travel insurance policy.
A health insurance policy is not transferable. That is because the premium for the policy is based on your age, medical history, family medical history etc. which will be different for different people.


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