Can the nominee be changed mid-term of the policy?

Can the nominee be changed mid-term of the policy?

You can change the nominee for your health insurance policy at any time during the policy term. To change the nominee, all you need to do is write and give your changed nominee details to the company.

Can the sum insured be changed during the year?

It may not be advisable to change plan mid term since you will have to cancel your existing policy and take a new policy. This will mean that all your coverage and exclusions will be applicable all over again as on day one. This will impact you especially with regard to first year exclusions and pre-existing illness covers.

What is domiciliary Hospitalisation? What is covered under it?

Domiciliary Hospitalisation means treatment done at home in India for a period exceeding three days for disease, illness or injury, which in the normal course would require Hospitalisation. This could happen if either the condition of the patient is such that he/she cannot be moved to Hospital/Nursing Home, or the patient cannot be admitted to Hospital/Nursing Home for lack of accommodation.
In such cases, the cost of the treatment as well as expenses, if any, on employment of qualified nurses, employed on the recommendation of the attending Medical Practitioner is covered. The cover is limited to a maximum of 10% of the sum insured and will be payable once the treatment exceeds 3 days and it has to be applied for at the time of taking the policy.


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